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Let's Share!

I like this idea, so I'll play :)

For anyone who posts a comment on this journal, I will choose three deviations from their gallery that I like the most and add them onto this journal (including avatars / links etc). The idea of this is not to get a 'free' feature, but to share each other's art!

1) :iconsilvioricardonelli:
only love by silvioricardonelliELLA Y YO by silvioricardonelli can you feel love for me ?I want to be love,
but is something hard to be.
I wannna love you
every day and every night.
But this is imposible.
I want so much things in my mind,
i have some things in my life.
I wanna love you
every day and every night.
But I'm only a dreamer,
a little dreamer with wings of bird.
I wanna know you
but I'm so slow, so fool, so child.
I never forget the love of the persons that love me.
Love is the key of all the hearts.
Dedicated to all the persons that can feel love for me.

2) :iconsvitavotara:
An old and unfinished tale--Page 1"It's a shame that the skies had drawn this child's destiny so hideously," a male voice implied in humourless volume. "Her fate will cause the stars to weep greatly for her."
Tongues of violet fire swam around within a circular motion in mid-air, assisted by the repetitive twirling of a wooden staff. The staff was tilted and spun around many times, controlling the purple, fiery rings that glowered fiercely at the night sky above.
"My, my; it seems that this child will grow up to perhaps own strength exceeding yours, my prince. She seems to have a rather powerful psyche." Whilst saying this, the man tugged at his silver cloak, which masked his entire body inside it. Occasionally a stream of rainbow light was seen on the edge of its collar.
"That, dear Nathanael, is something I fear."
A figure stepped forward, standing a few paces behind the individual in the silvery cloak.
He glanced before them, narrowing his fuchsia-coloured eyes. A body floated inside the circular flames, hovering li
An old and unfinished tale--Page 2Nathanael pointed his staff at another person kneeling on the ground beside the prince. The woman's long, black hair veiled most of her face, yet it couldn't hide the white dress she wore, bloodstained and torn as if a feral creature had attacked her.
Her tears fell onto her arms which she tried to cover her eyes with, black and blue with bruises and cuts. Blood painted the wounds on her legs and back.
"Your daughter's immobile body is still alive and safe in the rings of fire. Please accept what we're doing for her." The woman nodded her head weakly, sobbing as her fuchsia-eyed husband attempted to console her.
Whipping his head around to face the purple, blazing rings, Nathanael held his staff in front of him. The once immobile body began to move, motioning itself to face the cloaked man.
Eyes of a young girl…
Blood covered her entire face, marring her clothes and trickling down her wrists like dark red tears. Blood…that was not hers.
"Leave!" Nathanael bellowed, raising hi
Takara--School Girl uniform by Svitavotara

3) :icondizztizzmcrfan:
CandyflossUnicorns frolic in candyfloss fields,
Drinking out of the chocolate stream,
Nibbling on the shrubs of caramel,
Eating the trees of liquorice,
What a happy day it has been.
PhotographsI capture you
In pictures
Display you
On my wall
All the world
Can see you
Until your picture
MileOnly known you for a year,
Only loved you for a while,
But I know that together,
We can make it a mile.

4) :iconsailingshipwrecks:
Worm on a Journey by sailingShipwrecks The Fly by sailingShipwrecks Of TimeOf Time
       Time is a curious thing. Time flows ever on, no matter what happens in life. Time changes people; time changes itself. I remember learning at a young age that time and space are interconnected, and some scientists hypothesize that time and space are in fact the same thing. People say that "time is money," yet time cannot be bought or sold. What is time?
       I've thought about these concepts a lot over my 13 years of schooling – about half of it was spent in Arizona while the other half was spent here in Ohio. And I've realized a few important things.
       First, the scientists are right: time and space are the same thing. Space is what surrounds us, and time is what precedes and follows us. Time is merely a fourth dimension, seeing something change through the ages, watching a plant hatch from a seed and grow towards the sun. In kindergarten, I was just a yo

5) :icondarkacey:
DarkIt comes at dusk, then retreats with dawn
a neutral force, but a pawn
to be used, abused
and trod upon
naught it done wrong
no contrite hearts
exposing pain
selfish they are, want to obtain
all possible gain
alas! from the fain
Its forms leave it scarred
the victuals for the starved
the silence in the noise
the refuge to the prey
scarred as evil fey
simply since virtue is used as sin
discordant din stays hidden within
until tuned by battle, then a war
the light shall fail
the Dark, prevail
Bluejay Sentinel by DarkAcey Moonlit Tree by DarkAcey

6) :iconkhitsu:
Look in the Mirror! by khitsu devour by khitsu Try and Run by khitsu

7) :iconderkart84:
I want to believe by derkart84 Puppetmaster by derkart84 Magic Lamp by derkart84

8) :iconsinnomangirl:
Master...I quit.I wait here Master on my aching knees.
I need your next command.
Sir, I aim to please.
So easy to follow orders than to think things for myself.
But sometimes my mind wanders.
Is there something else?
Where two stand together equals hand and hand.
Where seeing each other's smile is all we demand.
I think you see it in my eyes
when I think of other times.
How I long it to be.
For once I wish it were someones pleasure
to simply pleasure me.
Addict.I should have quit you, bad habit you are.
Damages done to my body.
The stress, the mess.
How many years have you taken?
I Should have stopped inhaling your scent.
Wait come back that's not what I meant.
Why am I so conflicted? 
I should give you up tomorrow..
ok maybe a week. A month or two.
Do they have a rehab just for you?
God! I am so addicted.




Which is your favourite Resident Evil game?
2 deviants said Resident Evil 1
1 deviant said Resident Evil 3
1 deviant said Resident Evil 4
1 deviant said Resident Evil 5
No deviants said Resident Evil 2
No deviants said Resident Evil 6
No deviants said Other
It knows when you're sleeping,
It knows when you're awake.
Better keep those eyes closed,
At least try to fake
That your slumber is deep and true
Or it will come in skulking
And it will come for you.
Can you hear it calling?
It calls deep in the night.
The calling always stops
When I turn on the light.
Tonight will be different,
I'm going to seek it out.
Every night it calls me,
And every night I doubt
If my sanity is intact.
But tonight I will prove
This isn't all an act.
Come spend the night with me,
We'll listen for its call.
It usually starts
Out in the hall.
Come on, don't be scared,
You said yourself it's a dream.
Spend the night with me,
And see what I have seen.
First turn out the light,
Then rest your head with me.
The calling will begin
Just before you dream.
Shh, can you hear it?
It's calling out your name.
Why would it want you?
Why would it change the game?
Let's go venture forward,
Let's go find the voice.
Don't sit there scared,
You do not have a choice.
Listen, can you hear it?
It's calling from the cellar.
You go down there first,
Let's meet the unknown dweller.
Why's it gone all quiet?
This isn't funny, John.
Are you still down there?
Where have you gone?
Don't move. I'm coming down.
(Damn it, where's the light?)
You had better not be playing,
Don't you dare give me a fright.
Okay, where are you hiding?
(And where's that bloody light?)
I'm not looking for you,
All this God-damned night.
Ah! I can see you.
Your eyes gave you away.
Now come on out of there
Let's go to bed and stay.
Man your hands are cold.
What have you been doing?
Nevermind it now,
Let's get moving.
Back to bed we go.
I'm sorry for the chasing.
Looks like I'm going crazy,
My heart just won't stop racing.
Now stop you're worrying,
There's nothing in the night.
Please stop your squeezing,
You're squeezing way too tight.
Please let me go.
It's really starting to smite.
What is with you?
You sure you're all right?
Oh God! You're not John!
Please, please let me go!
I'm going to call the cops!
You won't take me! No!

"So this was the recording?"
"I found it at the scene."
"And what became of her?"
"We found nothing but her spleen.
Blood caked the walls,
And trailed down to the cellar.
But in there we found nothing,
There was no hidden dweller.
We'll keep on searching,
There must be something more.
Wait, can you hear that?
There's calling from the door."
The Midnight Caller
This isn't perfect - but there's a reason for that. I'm trying to get out of the habit of judging my writing and being too self critical, so recently I've been writing at least one thing a day and I don't allow myself to edit it. I just write and see what happens, and one night, this happened.

I like what I've got, but it could definitely use some tweaking. But for now, I'll leave it as it is.     
I harbour a monster,
It lingers deep within.
It wants to escape me,
To tear free from my skin.
It gnaws at my insides,
And hopes that I'll give in.

It works hard to tempt me,
To lead me into sin.
It wants me to suffer
To feel its wretched sting.
But I stand true and strong,
I will not let it win.

The nights are the hardest,
In bed I pray and sing
To the Lord God above
To rid me of this thing.
But instead it remains,
My monster still within.
I joined dA just over 2 years ago. I received a diagnosis that was not entirely surprising, but still a bit of a shock to the system.

I used to write just for myself, and mostly as a way of relieving stress. A lot of my work has never been seen by anyone other than myself, and I decided it was time to do something more with my writing. I wanted to share my work and improve on my skills, read other people's work and also have somewhere where I could dedicate myself to my writing. dA was, and still is, the place for me to do that.

One of my oldest pieces that I still have is "The Lonely Teddy Bear": 

The Lonely Teddy Bear
A small tear falls,
A bear begins to weep.
He misses their cuddles
And watching her sleep.
Such happy times
They both once shared.
But now the room's silent
And the little bear is scared.
He doesn't understand
Why she had to go.
What in the world
Could take her so.
But now she is gone,
And the room is dead.
Questions haunt
This bear's little head.
He continues to cry,
He will never forget,
The little girl,
This bear once met.

I wrote this when my little cousin died of pneumonia. She was only a baby (barely a year old), and I suppose this one was my ways of dealing with it.

In my two years on dA I have tried various styles of writing:

Recycle BinOh Recycle Bin,
How you taunt me so.
Plump from my ideas,
With none for me to show.
Your mouth always open,
Waiting to be fed
The words that roll about
So messy in my head.
Each scrap a banquet,
Each page a tasty treat.
You grin at my failure
And swell from my defeat...
  Pencil ManPencil Man was something special,
He dreamed to be a hero.
To wear a cape
And "write all wrongs"
Would be his alter ego.
"Erasing evil"
And "drawing swords"
With man and beast alike.
Those who called him 'yellow bellied'
Would see that he could fight!
But Pencil Man forgot one thing,
His one and only weakness,
Miss Sharpener,
She had quite the look,
She always left him speechless.
A night of passion soon ensued
He gave her all he could.
As morning came
All that remained
Was just some broken wood.

The Boy Who Wore A MaskThere once was a boy,
His parents named him Todd.
In most ways he was normal,
But there was something odd.
Todd liked to wear a mask,
The reason was unknown.
He wore it day and night,
His face was never shown.
One day as Todd was playing
Outside his favourite hole,
A boy came running at him,
He only had one goal.
When the mask was taken,
What remained was quite a shock,
For instead of human features,
There lived but just one rock!
Now this rock was nothing special,
It didn't dance or sing.
Heck it wasn't even living,
It just didn't do a thing!
So the boy did what we all might,
He reached into Todd's face,
Wrapped his hands around the object
And removed it from its place.
He skipped off down the street
To play at the nearby lake.
Skimming rocks was his favourite
And now he couldn't wait!
"So what became of Todd?"
How kind of you to ask.
Poor Todd just lay there lifeless,
Beside his favourite mask.
  Melon-BabyMelon-Baby was round and sweet,
Almost far too cute to eat.
But in the rising Summer heat,
Temptation was too hard to beat.
One day as Mum strolled down the street,
With Melon-Baby tucked up neat,
Soundly snoring fast asleep,
Mum's hunger had begun to creep.
"It'll be some time before I eat,
I'll just munch on those little feet."
But when taste and tongue did meet,
Melon-Baby did soon deplete.
Melon-Baby was round and sweet,
Almost far too cute to eat.
But in the rising Summer heat,
Temptation was too hard to beat.

Mummy's BoyDAY 1
Well look, she awakes, from her slumber so sweet.
How are you feeling? How did you sleep?
Oh Mummy, dear Mummy, why do you cry?
Is it because of this knife? This one in your side?
Does it hurt when I twist it? When I move it slow?
How about when I force it as deep as it'll go?
Now, now, be still. Please try not to scream
Or those stitches will tear and your lips will bleed.
Now Mummy, I must go, I have guests on the way.
Don't worry, I'll be back. We have more games to play.
They say I have your eyes, "so deep and so blue;
A vision of beauty, honesty and virtue",
Oh how naive they are, how simple, how vain.
Your eyes of 'innocence' are now eyes of pain.
But why can't they be mine? Why must we share?
Who says these eyes are yours alone to bear?
No matter, I can fix that. All I need are these scissors
and those betraying orbs will no longer be with us.
They say the eyes are the window to the soul,
But Mummy, dear Mummy, where is your soul?
So two days have gone by, yet
  The ThingI lay still in my bed,
Mr. Ted by my side,
And listen hard for the thing
That crawls around outside.
He'll start with the scratching,
It's always the same,
His claws carving the face
Of the wooden door frame.
Then he'll move onto the blood
Seeping beneath my door,
Dripping from the walls,
Covering the floor.
The wardrobe will squeak,
Those green eyes appear,
Voices will whisper
Dark words in my ear.
Their dead hands will tug
At the edge of my sheets
And insects will crawl
All over my feet.
I lay and wait
For their games to begin.
But tonight will be different,
I whisper with a grin,
Tonight I will show
Those monsters a scare.
They can come back again,
IF they dare.

Sensitive Subjects:
  LullabyHush, my baby,
Be still, don't cry.
Lay with me
A little while.
Close your eyes,
Slow your breath.
Hear your heart
Inside your chest?
Your heart is strong,
It guides you well.
Be sure to listen
To what it tells.
I hear him now,
Outside the room.
It won't be long,
He'll find us soon.

Now close your eyes,
Slow your breath,
And rest your head
Upon my chest.

(Free) Commissions:
Nothing But A PuppetI am nothing but a puppet,
A thing that you control.
A simple wooden toy,
I do not have a soul.
I am nothing but a puppet,
Someone to do your bidding.
Your demands from my body,
Relentless, unforgiving.
I am nothing but a puppet,
Your fingers pull my strings.
They pull in all directions,
Twisting, tangling.
I am nothing but a puppet,
My strings down by my sides,
Trailing closely right behind me,
My eternally bounding ties.
  In SanityI find myself in a world of white,
This place it feels so pure.
The Sun's rays are warm and bright
I've never felt so sure.
I explore the land and all its sights,
I enjoy the world's grand tour.
I wander around until the night
Shows what it has in store.
In the darkness, a speck of light
Reveals a hidden door.
I turn the handle and peer inside,
A sight I can't endure.
I turn to run, to escape my plight,
I dare not to explore.
But something inside catches my eye,
I can't resist the lure.
I awake to find myself tied tight,
A voice tries to assure,
"This one may finally fix you right,
Maybe this is the cure."

And Collaborative (with the dA community):
No-Name (Collaborative Poem)This poem is a collaborative piece and all contributors have been credited :) If you wish to take part and include your contribution, please post your work in the comments section of the poem (below). Depending on the popularity of this, I may make these a regular thing. Let me know if you're interested!

His name's irrelevant,
His image unknown.
He knows where to find you,
And when you're alone.
He stares at the darkness
a blank empty space
and in reality
he has no place
Do not be fooled,
he really does care.
Your company is required,
So leaving is rare.
Can you speak his name?
Do you know his form?
Surely this is beyond,
the norm.
He's quiet,
Driving you mad...
He stalks you like prey
Both night and day
Feasting on your flesh
He will be your death.
He's old and a pedophile
You can smell him from over a mile
He's ugly, ugl
  Rule Of Four (Collaborative Poem)This poem is a collaborative piece and all contributors have been credited  If you wish to take part and include your contribution, please post your work in the comments section of the poem (below).

One step, two step, three step, four,
It's creeping outside your bedroom door.
With no where to run panic grows inside.
Blankets pulled over head, resorting to hide.
One tap, Two tap, Three tap, Four.
It's knocking at your bedroom door.
The door creaks open, your lungs fill with screams,
Shapeless monsters, creeping from your dreams.
One step, two step, three step, four
It's shuffling across your darkened floor.
Insanity befalls you, twisting your mind
For while it can see you, you yourself are blind.
One step, two step, three step, four.
It's forcing your mind into a civil war.
Grabbing, and poking and piercing your skin,
and now the darkness comes slithering in.

The collaborative poems I enjoyed greatly. I wish I'd kept it up as they were quite popular (I have a folder here if you're interested in any of the others:….

I've learned a lot about myself during these last two years and I like to think my writing has improved. I also like to think I've found my own writing style. I'll be interested to see how my writing will grow over the next two years. Who knows, this novel I'm working on may actually have a little something to it. Only time will tell.


Caylee Slansen
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
My pen name is Caylee Slansen (an anagram of my real name).

I live in the Yorkshire Dales in England.

I'm a Software Developer, but creative writing is my passion. My writing style varies. I'm a horror fan, and as such a lot of my work is horror themed. However, I do like to write quirky pieces too so you may stumble across a few of them.

My favourite poem is "Jim; who ran away from his nurse and was eaten by a lion" by Hilaire Belloc.

As a warning for my potential gallery viewers / readers, my poetry may be seen as "untasteful" or explicit for some readers, so sensitive readers please take heed. I have placed maturity warnings on such work; you have been warned!

Which is your favourite Resident Evil game? 

2 deviants said Resident Evil 1
1 deviant said Resident Evil 3
1 deviant said Resident Evil 4
1 deviant said Resident Evil 5
No deviants said Resident Evil 2
No deviants said Resident Evil 6
No deviants said Other



Please there is no need to thank me for Llamas :)

I like to use the 'random deviant' tool and browse people's artwork that way; it's a great way of viewing all varieties of work and not just not those that are displayed on the 'most popular' pages. I love visiting all your pages, and I like to leave a llama whilst I'm there :)

But if you do decide to leave a comment, then thank you and you're welcome! :D


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