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The warmth of my tears
Remind me that I can feel
Something more than this
September 30th, 2015

They found another last night. They think it's the same thing, Torqueo.

They have no idea where it came from, but it comes for you in the dead of night - those insomniac nights when you can't get to sleep.  Apparently you can't see it but you'll know when it's there. Little things, the "classics": the feeling of being watched, creaking noises, movement in the corner of your eye. Those simple things you try to shrug off as your imagination.

It bides its time, teasing you, trying to get you as susceptible as possible. It wants your imagination to run wild, to envisage the worst things you possibly can. And when you reach that pinnacle moment, it strikes. It turns that worst thought, that worst imagining in your head into a reality. A slow, exceptionally torturous reality.

They find you the next morning. Your body frozen, trapped. But your eyes scream it all. You're still there. It still has you. Torqueo. An eternity of torment.

They haven't worked out how to escape it yet, or if you can.

Happy thoughts. Don't let it creep in. Happy thoughts. Don't let it creep in. Happy thoughts. Don't... let... it...
Had a go at trying to come up with my own creepypasta guy. Think it needs more work, but it's a start!
They look so pretty when they smile.
It's best to do it when they're still warm,
The skin is so much more supple;
Like putty in your hands.
What makes the days different?
What separates them from the rest?
No, seriously, I cannot see it.
Each day the same old cycle.
"Morning, how was your night?"
"Good thanks, and yours?"
"Good too, thanks."
Brief pause of silence.
"Have much planned for this evening?"
"Nah not really, you?"
"The same. Nice just to relax."
Another pause of silence.
Sometimes the eyes meet by accident.
Cue awkward smile.
I swear it's like we're NPCs
Repeating line after line after line.
It's boring just reading this, isn't it?
But this is life. Repeat, repeat, repeat.
Even with your friends
It's the same old jokes.
What's wrong with real conversation?
I'm tired of the play.
I'm tired of the game.
I want to speak my mind.
Stop hiding my thoughts in shame.
We're capable of so much
But we're tinned in our jobs.
We pretend we're someone we're not.
Do I even know the real me?
Have I lost myself?
I put on so many faces
I don't even know which one is really mine.
I'm tired of playing fixer.
I'm tired of playing listener.
I want to escape this mundanity.
Late Night Thoughts
Spewings and spewings.


Caylee Slansen
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
My pen name is Caylee Slansen (an anagram of my real name).

I live in the Yorkshire Dales in England.

I'm a Software Developer, but creative writing is my passion. My writing style varies. I'm a horror fan, and as such a lot of my work is horror themed. However, I do like to write quirky pieces too so you may stumble across a few of them.

My favourite poem is "Jim; who ran away from his nurse and was eaten by a lion" by Hilaire Belloc.

As a warning for my potential gallery viewers / readers, my poetry may be seen as "untasteful" or explicit for some readers, so sensitive readers please take heed. I have placed maturity warnings on such work; you have been warned!

LLAMAS - There is no need to thank me for llamas :) I like to use the random deviant tool and check out your pages, and whilst I'm there I usually leave a llama!

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