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About Literature / Hobbyist Official Beta Tester Caylee Slansen25/Female/United Kingdom Recent Activity
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Let's Share!

I like this idea, so I'll play :)

For anyone who posts a comment on this journal, I will choose three deviations from their gallery that I like the most and add them onto this journal (including avatars / links etc). The idea of this is not to get a 'free' feature, but to share each other's art!

1) :iconsilvioricardonelli:
only love by silvioricardonelliELLA Y YO by silvioricardonelli can you feel love for me ?I want to be love,
but is something hard to be.
I wannna love you
every day and every night.
But this is imposible.
I want so much things in my mind,
i have some things in my life.
I wanna love you
every day and every night.
But I'm only a dreamer,
a little dreamer with wings of bird.
I wanna know you
but I'm so slow, so fool, so child.
I never forget the love of the persons that love me.
Love is the key of all the hearts.
Dedicated to all the persons that can feel love for me.

2) :iconsvitavotara:
:thumb332827229: :thumb332827296: :thumb325396505:

3) :icondizztizzmcrfan:
CandyflossUnicorns frolic in candyfloss fields,
Drinking out of the chocolate stream,
Nibbling on the shrubs of caramel,
Eating the trees of liquorice,
What a happy day it has been.
PhotographsI capture you
In pictures
Display you
On my wall
All the world
Can see you
Until your picture
MileOnly known you for a year,
Only loved you for a while,
But I know that together,
We can make it a mile.

4) :iconsailingshipwrecks:
Worm on a Journey by sailingShipwrecks The Fly by sailingShipwrecks Of TimeOf Time
       Time is a curious thing. Time flows ever on, no matter what happens in life. Time changes people; time changes itself. I remember learning at a young age that time and space are interconnected, and some scientists hypothesize that time and space are in fact the same thing. People say that "time is money," yet time cannot be bought or sold. What is time?
       I've thought about these concepts a lot over my 13 years of schooling – about half of it was spent in Arizona while the other half was spent here in Ohio. And I've realized a few important things.
       First, the scientists are right: time and space are the same thing. Space is what surrounds us, and time is what precedes and follows us. Time is merely a fourth dimension, seeing something change through the ages, watching a plant hatch from a seed and grow towards the sun. In kindergarten, I was just a yo

5) :icondarkacey:
DarkIt comes at dusk, then retreats with dawn
a neutral force, but a pawn
to be used, abused
and trod upon
naught it done wrong
no contrite hearts
exposing pain
selfish they are, want to obtain
all possible gain
alas! from the fain
Its forms leave it scarred
the victuals for the starved
the silence in the noise
the refuge to the prey
scarred as evil fey
simply since virtue is used as sin
discordant din stays hidden within
until tuned by battle, then a war
the light shall fail
the Dark, prevail
Bluejay Sentinel by DarkAcey Moonlit Tree by DarkAcey

6) :iconkhitsu:
Look in the Mirror! by khitsu devour by khitsu Try and Run by khitsu

7) :iconderkart84:
I want to believe by derkart84 Puppetmaster by derkart84 Magic Lamp by derkart84

8) :iconsinnomangirl:
Master...I quit.I wait here Master on my aching knees.
I need your next command.
Sir, I aim to please.
So easy to follow orders than to think things for myself.
But sometimes my mind wanders.
Is there something else?
Where two stand together equals hand and hand.
Where seeing each other's smile is all we demand.
I think you see it in my eyes
when I think of other times.
How I long it to be.
For once I wish it were someones pleasure
to simply pleasure me.
Addict.I should have quit you, bad habit you are.
Damages done to my body.
The stress, the mess.
How many years have you taken?
I Should have stopped inhaling your scent.
Wait come back that's not what I meant.
Why am I so conflicted? 
I should give you up tomorrow..
ok maybe a week. A month or two.
Do they have a rehab just for you?
God! I am so addicted.




What lingers there inside your mind?
What are the thoughts that you can't find?
What happens when the silence comes?
This house is

Of lost life.

A busy silence
The canals.

Unspoken words
In broken ears.


Through the hallways.

In empty air.

For the surface.


Imagine a world without words. What would it be like?


Caylee Slansen
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
My pen name is Caylee Slansen (an anagram of my real name).

I live in the Yorkshire Dales in England.

I'm a Software Developer, but creative writing is my passion. My writing style varies. I'm a horror fan, and as such a lot of my work is horror themed. However, I do like to write quirky pieces too so you may stumble across a few of them.

My favourite poem is "Jim; who ran away from his nurse and was eaten by a lion" by Hilaire Belloc.

As a warning for my potential gallery viewers / readers, my poetry may be seen as "untasteful" or explicit for some readers, so sensitive readers please take heed. I have placed maturity warnings on such work; you have been warned!



Please there is no need to thank me for Llamas :)

I like to use the 'random deviant' tool and browse people's artwork that way; it's a great way of viewing all varieties of work and not just not those that are displayed on the 'most popular' pages. I love visiting all your pages, and I like to leave a llama whilst I'm there :)

But if you do decide to leave a comment, then thank you and you're welcome! :D


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